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Marco Ferrara, president of Universal Motion, and a quadriplegic since 1984 puts it this way…..”Our Company takes pride in our designs and the manufacturing and supply of mobility products for those of us who are physically challenged as well as their families”.

Universal Motion, is a leading provider of accessible transportation solutions for people with mobility challenges. We are one of the few companies in our industry that has a Transport Canada approved National Safety Mark. Universal Motion provides wheelchair accessible transportation solutions to the private market and small vehicle commercial transportation market.

    We provide our customers with a complete mobility solution – this means that in addition to mobility needs, we also take into account the family needs, budget constraints, financing opportunities, and all the other factors that go into the decision making process. The wheelchair van that we provide must meet the needs of the person with a mobility challenge, as well as the consideration of the family members’ requirements, and be affordable. Our motto “when we deliver your vehicle, we don’t want to see you again” speaks to the attention to the details that provide the best solution to your transportation needs and offer the best quality possible in your conversion van. If we don’t see you, you are enjoying a trouble-free experience with your new accessible wheelchair van.

    We offer custom wheelchair van conversions, a large selection of used wheelchair van inventory, as well as rental vehicles to satisfy all of your accessibility needs. As a dealer for all major product lines, including Braunability and VMI, our focus is on finding the best solution for your transportation needs and then finding the best product that fits all your personal and family needs. Our conversions bring freedom to you and your family. The possibility to go to the corner store with ease and comfort is priceless, it is no longer ‘difficult’ to go out.

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