Brewing Independence Martins Story

Martin, often described as a free spirit, was born, and raised in England, in the aftermath of World War II. He grew up amidst the reconstruction of London.

Martin was born with a degenerate condition known as “thalidomide embryopathy,” caused by the drug Thalidomide. Thalidomide is a sedative drug that was introduced to the market in the late 1950s. It was often prescribed to women to alleviate morning sickness during pregnancy. Tragically, it was later discovered that Thalidomide resulted in severe limb deficiencies in unborn children, causing underdevelopment or absence of the bones in the arms and legs. By the time the drug was taken off the market in 1961, it had already caused a global health crisis.

Although life had served Martin a bitter brew, he remained a positive and ambitious individual. As a young man, in 1978, driven by this ambition of a new beginning, Martin relocated to Toronto, Canada. Adjusting to life in a new country, far away from loved ones, presented challenges for Martin. Despite these hurdles, it was his lost sense of independence that he missed the most.

That was when he first crossed paths with Universal Motion.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Universal Motion is a company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to those coping with mobility challenges. Universal Motion’s solutions are tailored to the needs, lifestyle, and budget of the individual and their families. For Martin, Universal Motion’s assessment led to the purchase of a pre-owned side-entry van customized for him to drive safely and comfortably from his wheelchair.

For over five years Martin enjoyed his van and newfound independence. Upon returning to Universal Motion for his first service, company owner Marco Ferrara light-heartedly reminded Martin about the benefits of annual vehicle servicing. Due to the extent of repairs required to his van, Martin decided it was time for an upgrade and traded in his old van for a new one.

This upgrade marked Martin’s first-ever purchase of a new conversion van purchase. Similar to his previous vehicle, a side-entry van was chosen, with the driver’s seat removable so it could be replaced by Martin’s wheelchair. To make Martin’s driving experience more effortless, Universal Motion introduced additional modifications, including ‘Featherlite accelerator hand controls’. These controls are easy to access and require less effort to use.

Martin was thrilled with his new van and sent Marco this note:

“I had reservations about the Featherlite accelerator hand controls, but by the time I drove home, I had found a knack for it and know that I am going to love them. I also wanted to commend you on your team. They felt like family, and their dedication to finishing the van yesterday was brilliant. This is the first new van I’ve ever owned, and it’s even more ‘posh’ than I could have imagined with all its bells and whistles, while comprehensively meeting my mobility needs. A special thank you for that and to your lovely wife for the mini cup of coffee; I think she may have converted me to espresso!”

If you want the world’s best coffee, you need Italian espresso. If you want the world’s best wheelchair van conversion, you need Universal Motion.

Our team at Universal Motion are committed to empowering individuals like Martin and believe that we can redefine what is possible. Contact us and take the first step towards your personal mobility journey.