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Universal Motion is proud to be at the forefront of accessible transportation solutions, and we are excited to introduce the Evaluator Van (EV) as the latest innovation in our vehicle lineup. Designed specifically for individuals with limited mobility, the EV was custom-made to assist driver rehab Occupational Therapists and users to determine a user’s potential to drive and identify the precise equipment their vehicle requires for optimal functionality. This vehicle can help determine how a user can get their driver’s licence back or how to drive longer. This pioneering vehicle embodies our commitment to innovation and accessibility, offering an unparalleled level of customization and support to ensure that each client receives the best possible solution for their mobility needs. Users can now feel confident to get an accessible vehicle designed specifically for them since they have been able to try the driving equipment before purchase.

How Does the Evaluator Van Process Work?

Before committing to the purchase of a new vehicle and equipping it with controls based on educated guesswork, which could cost $120,000 or more, you will be evaluated by an Occupational Therapist (OT) who is a Certified in Driver Rehabilitation by the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. (CDR). 

These driver rehabilitation Occupational Therapists have exceptional ability and expertise in assessing and training individuals with physical disabilities for safe driving. The OT will use the Evaluator Van to determine and try various driving equipment to allow for independent driving. This allows the driver rehab OT to identify the best configuration for the client, determining the precise type of equipment needed for their unique situation, ensuring both safety and independence on the road. After getting into the van from a side entry ramp if this is needed, the van will allow users to drive from their power wheelchair or transfer onto the van’s 6-way power seat base to get into the driver’s station.  It can be all changed to meet whatever the driver’s needs are.

What are the Benefits of the Evaluator Van for Users?

The primary advantage of the Evaluator Van lies in its ability to let clients discover if their physical issues exclude them from driving or know in advance what equipment is needed for driving. Many users don’t know how they will be able to drive or if they can drive. They don’t know how they will be able to get into the vehicle if they cannot transfer. This vehicle can help to answer all of those questions. It also helps the client establish the cost and affordability of acquiring a new vehicle tailored to enhance their safety and driving experience. Additionally, if your driver’s licence is not valid, or you’ve never had one, the Occupational Therapist will work with you before the evaluation to ensure that you have the type of licence that will be needed for the assessment.

What Features and Controls Does the Evaluator Van Have?

The Evaluator Van is equipped with an array of 15 different driving controls. These controls range from basic manual hand controls used by most clients to complex electronic driving controls used by clients with limited movements and strength. 

The driving controls start with the manual two-action, gas and brake, hand controls to sophisticated electronic gas and brake systems with actuator assist, managed via slider controls. Of additional value, is the ability to control the amount of effort that is required to turn the steering wheel. This allows the Occupational Therapist to try and prescribe the amount of steering effort reduction that may be required. 

This EV can meet most clients’ needs. The EV’s controls can be interchanged easily and quickly from left to right-sided controls to mounting the device on an angle so that the user can manage the function easier. This versatility offers an unparalleled level of customization and comfort.  In the photos below, you can see how many types of equipment can be sent up to maximize the chance of independent driving success.

How Does the Evaluator Van Ensure Safety and Compliance?

Our commitment to safety and compliance is the foundation of our mission to deliver the highest quality solutions in accessible transportation. The Evaluator Van exemplifies this dedication, meeting all industry automotive testing standards and proudly bearing the Canadian National Safety Mark (NSM). Issued by Transport Canada, this mark is a testament to our vehicles’ compliance with the highest Canadian safety standards, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Who Should Consider the Evaluator Van?

The Evaluator Van is designed for any driver or potential driver with physical disabilities. Families often wonder if their young adult who was born with a limitation will be able to drive. Having a driver rehab OT assessment using this van can help to answer all of the questions. It can be used by individuals who have recently sustained injuries who now need to consider using adaptive driving equipment, and existing drivers with progressive conditions who are uncertain about their driving abilities. It offers a unique opportunity for them to explore and understand their driving abilities, paving the way for a more independent and confident life.

Why Choose the Evaluator Van from Universal Motion?

The Evaluator Van represents a significant step forward in accessible transportation, enabling individuals with disabilities to make informed decisions about their driving abilities and the equipment they need. Our van is the first of its kind in Canada since 1992, marking a milestone in our journey towards creating a more accessible world. While this van is not able to be rented without an Occupational Therapist, Universal Motion can put you in touch with an Occupational Therapist who can meet you here at our Etobicoke location or, possibly, the van can be brought to a location closer to you. Just give us a call to inquire. 

Contact us today to learn more about how the Evaluator Van can transform your transportation experience!


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