Creative Solutions for a Wheelchair User

Universal Motion prides itself in finding solutions for its customers. One client in particular ordered a VMI Toyota van with removable seats so that he could drive from his wheelchair. After years in a chair, he’s suffered from extreme shoulder pain. He has good days and bad days. Although he enjoys driving from his wheelchair, and it makes it easier without the transfers, he misses driving from the normal driver’s chair.

That’s when he came to us looking for a solution. We recommended the swivel seat in the video! The client is a minimalist where the less moving parts, less electronics, the better… It’s good that way, because the removable seats can’t accommodate the weight and height of a full power six-way base.

“I wanted a solution that didn’t need power, was light, and I could manage easily. Universal Motion helped with this, and once again came through”

After measuring the client up, we confirmed that this hardware would fit, and be an advantage to the client. After the install, the client now has a choice. On his good days, when his shoulder isn’t troubling him, he can use the factory seat, transfer to it and swivel it around (just like an electric base)