Samantha and Stuart’s Journey with Universal Motion, Embracing Freedom on the Open Road

Samantha and Stuart, bound together by mutual respect, love, and a shared spirit for adventure, were married in a charming town north of Toronto, Ontario in 2015.

For Samantha and Stuart, both wheelchair users, traveling has always been a meaningful part of their lives. Since their marriage, the couple have driven to Florida 6 times. They greatly enjoy the cross-country drive and the healthful warm climate of the south. These trips also afford them the added bonus of visiting Samantha’s parents, who winter in Florida.

In 2009, Samantha met Marco at the event, People in Motion. However, it was not until 2017, when Samantha and Stuart’s van, a 2006 Chevy Uplander, required servicing that the couple turned to Universal Motion for assistance. For the subsequent four years, Universal Motion serviced their van ensuring its safe operation. During this time, the company became more than just a service provider to them; they became a trusted partner in their journey.

Samantha and Stuart appreciated Universal Motion’s commitment and deep understanding of their specific mobility needs. They felt a strong connection with the team, whose attention to detail and quality service left a lasting impression.

Located in Toronto, Universal Motion is a company dedicated to providing innovative mobility solutions for those of us encountering mobility challenges. Each solution is customized to accommodate individual lifestyles, needs, and budgets, helping clients reclaim their independence and embrace life on the road to the fullest.

In 2019, Samantha and Stuart learned that the frame of their Chevy Uplander was deteriorating. This prompted them to begin their search for a new vehicle. When it came to a trusted company to work with, their decision was simple, Universal Motion stood out as the unparalleled choice.

With the support of Universal Motion, Samantha and Stuart took the time to find a vehicle that would meet both of their needs within their budget. After careful deliberation and consultation with Universal Motion, in 2021, the couple purchased a 2017 Toyota Sienna side-entry van. This vehicle checked all their boxes. The Toyota Sienna allowed either of them to drive or travel as passengers comfortably. It also offered enhanced features, comfort, and spacious interiors, redefining their accessible travel experience. Samantha and Stuart were well equipped to continue doing what they love, exploring the open road, with ease and comfort.

Samantha and Stuart’s experiences with Universal Motion extend beyond the products and services they offer. They found a company that understands their unique needs and consistently delivers top-tier service and solutions. They travel for over an hour to visit Universal Motion’s facility, a testament to the company’s service. As Samantha and Stuart say, “As long as Universal Motion is a company, no matter where we live, we are sticking with them.”

Universal Motion stands at the intersection of innovation, independence, and quality of life. Contact us today and let’s navigate your journey to accessibility together, embracing the open road.