Our dedicated team of mobility and vehicle experts work directly with you, our client, to assess the individual needs of your home and residents you with a vehicle tailored to your specific requirements. As well, where required, Universal Motion can work with your team to assist you to secure the necessary funding for your vehicle

Employee | Umar Fareed
Employee | Umar Fareed
Start Date – Aug 2011 | Married in Scotland | Favorite Hockey Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Employee | Archie Pablo
Employee | Archie Pablo
Start Date- Jan 2015 | Names his car baby Jetta he says, “It has been running smoother ever since she’s been named”
Employee | Crystal Oudnarine
Employee | Crystal Oudnarine
Start Date- Feb 2013 | 14 Years with the industry | Dog named “Butch” | “When taking her fishing walk with a special meal just for her. She does not like the sight, smell or taste or seafood... PERIOD!”
Employees | Other
Employees | Other
There are other employees and friends here at Universal Motion, like Bruno, they are just too shy to show themselves here :)


Our licensed mechanics and trained technical staff can also provide a comprehensive maintenance and service programme to ensure years of trouble free transportation for your vehicle, your vehicle lift and, most importantly, your residents.

  • Dodge VMI Conversions

    Dodge VMI Conversions

    The Dodge Northstar wheelchair-accessible minivan has a fully-powered, slide-out ramp that creates an uncluttered interior and obstruction-free doorway. Read More
  • Honda VMI Conversions

    Honda VMI Conversions

    The Honda Northstar wheelchair-accessible minivan delivers both space and style with generous headroom, more floor length and a top-rated design. Read More
  • Toyota Braunability

    Toyota Braunability

    BraunAbility wheelchair vans are built on a state-of-the art assembly line, ensuring consistent quality you can rely on to get Read More
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Located in Toronto, Universal Motion is dedicated to providing viable and thorough solutions to those of us encountering mobility problems.

Universal Motion enjoys a stellar reputation for providing innovative and comprehensive answers to the mobility problems faced by individuals, institutions, wheelchair accessible taxi drivers and commercial transportation companies.

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