The Toyota Northstar Access360 is a top-of-the-line wheelchair-accessible minivan. It gives greater access to life through more space, flexibility and ease of use. With a slide-out, in-floor ramp, users get less dirt and debris in the interior and optimal maneuverability for larger power chairs. Features of these new and used conversion vans include:

Toyota Northstar
  • More room to turn due to 12”-longer floor
  • Easy entry for wide power chairs on 30” ramp
  • Industry-best headroom via 14.9” dropped floor
  • High ground clearance to reduce scraping
  • Wheelbase: 119.3 inches
  • Overall Length: 200.2 inches
  • Overall Height: 77.6 w/ roof rails
  • Overall Width: 78.1 inches
  • Maximum Floor Drop: 14.875 inches
  • Min. Vehicle Ground Clearance (ground effects): 6.2 inches
  • Min. Vehicle Ground Clearance (exhaust): 5.6 inches
  • Door Opening Height: 57 inches
  • Door Opening Width: 30.5 inches
  • Ramp Length (angle ramp and transition plate): 58.75 inches
  • Usable Ramp Width: 30 inches
  • Ramp Angle with PowerKneel on (curb weight): 8.6 degrees
  • Ramp Angle with PowerKneel off (curb weight): 11.4 degrees
  • Overall Floor Length: 95 inches
  • Length from Back of Seat Bases to Kickplate: 65.5 inches
  • Floor Width at B Pillar: 61.5 inches
  • Floor Width at Front Doors: 60.3 inches
  • Interior Height at Center Position: 61.8 inches
  • Interior Height at Driver Position: 60.5 inches w/o sunroof; 58.25 inches w/ sunroof
  • Interior Height at Passenger Position: 60.5 inches (w/o sunroof); 58.25 inches with sunroof
  • Cargo Area/Seat Up: 26 cubic feet
  • Ramp Capacity: 800 pounds

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“I would definitely recommend Universal Motions to anyone needing van modification services. All the staff were friendly and accessible. My girls and I were made to feel important. Everything happened in such a timely manner. Thank you so much for everything!”


“I would like to take the opportunity to thank you so much for facilitation the purchase and modification of our new van. Words fail me but I greatly appreciate your effort in making our lives a lot easier, Thank you so much!”


“You almost forget you’re sitting in a wheelchair, and with the automatic doors and kneeling system it makes things so much easier. What a difference between my old van and the new van!”